What Is Blended Learning?

From TLA - The Learning Accelerator

Blended learning is the strategic integration of in-person learning with technology to enable real-time data use, personalized instruction, and mastery-based progression. It is a mechanism for giving educators, students, and parents the resources they need to deliver on the vision of a highly effective, engaging, and equitable education experience for every child, every day.

What Will Schools Look Like in the Future?

Everyone wants America’s education system to do better. Ex-Googler Max Ventilla has a radical idea for how to make it work more like a social network. Ventilla’s AltSchool is building a highly-personalized education experience that gets better and cheaper as more students use it. In a decade, AltSchool may not have just built some new schools but rather a new school system that all will be able to join.

Digital technologies for better learning and teaching: Self-reflection tool for schools (SELFIE)

From the EU Science Hub -

Digital technologies offer new opportunities to improve learning and teaching. Integrating these technologies in a meaningful way, however, remains a challenge for schools, and the mere presence of digital equipment does not translate into better learning outcomes. SELFIE is a sound, reliable and validated self-reflection tool to help schools' progress towards digital age learning. It is based on the Digitally-Competent Educational Organizations (DigCompOrg) conceptual framework that offers a fine-grained description of what it takes to educational organizations of any kind to be digitally competent. More info at: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/digcompor...