Sustainable cities begin with education… 

An urban micro-campus opening up incredible opportunities for people of all ages

Imagine the power

Imagine the power of simple access. Imagine the power of lower and middle-class students in one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas to having true access to programs from one of our world’s most forward-thinking, progressive, premier, public universities…

ASU - A true world-class university…

  • Arizona State University is in the top 1 percent of the world's most prestigious universities as ranked by Times Higher Education in the only global performance tables that measure research-intensive universities across core missions: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. ASU welcomes students from 136 countries around the world. More than 12,000 international students call ASU home. Additionally, ASU is the #1 public university in the U.S. for hosting students from other countries.

  • For the third straight year, U.S. News & World Report ranks ASU No. 1 on its “Most Innovative Schools” list, ahead of No. 2 Stanford and No. 3 MIT. ASU again topped the list based on a survey of peers: College presidents, provosts and admissions deans around the country nominated up to 10 colleges or universities that are making the most innovative improvements.

  • ASU, Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago are the only four institutions in the nation with elite Rhodes, Marshall and Churchill scholarship winners. ASU’s six faculty and 15 student Fulbright scholars in the U.S. government’s flagship international exchange program are yet another testament to the breadth and excellence of the university’s programs.

What we envision…

A CREATIVE SPACE that is filled with students of all ages, all day long. A Study Center should be more than a place where teachers simply instructs individual subjects. A Study Center should be a true partner in a child’s education. We are committed to be a family’s partner from the start, all the way to a university degree. We work with the student in all phases of a complete education. We will open in the early morning and cater to new moms and pre-school age children. Our foundation students will also start early. Afternoons will bring a flood of primary and secondary students that will spend time in our center taking classes, studying, meeting with friends and discovering new interests. We want these students to stay into the night as they work together, forming new friendships. More that anything, we want to create a space where student want to be. We want an environment that is fun, open and inviting.

A Foundation Program - Grade 11-12 / A-levels

We offer two options for students currently studying in a Cambridge system.

Option 1 is for O-Level students who have completed their Secondary-4 year.

Option 2 is for students who have completed at least Secondary-5 level studies,
but have not yet reached O-level status.

Option 1 - Students who have completed O Level Examinations.

The Cambridge O Level is an internationally recognized qualification designed for 14-16 year olds. Completion implies an equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE, the UK GCSE and US 10th grade.

Students in Option 1 will complete a 12-14 course schedule leading to a US High School Diploma. This degree will enable these students to gain entrance into hundreds of US universities. In addition, these students can also complete up to 2 years of university studies through the Advanced Placement Curriculum of The College Board, entering college as a third year student.

These two years of courses can be completed in 12-24 months depending on individual student pacing. More than 75 core courses and electives are available to customize the program of study to the university goals of the individual student.

* Also included in the program are intensive SAT Prep classes. This is where we give Indonesian students the edge. The SAT is the centerpiece of college admission in the US. A great score can open many doors, including scholarships and grants.

Option 2 - Students currently in P5 – S3

The Cambridge Primary 5 level is an internationally recognized qualification that implies an equivalent to US 5th grade. When students complete P5, they are eligible to begin US Middle School – grade 6. The following table illustrates the entry grades.

* Students in Grade 9-12 are eligible to enter ASU concurrent credit courses – with these courses, students can also complete up to 2 years of university studies, entering college as a third year student.

Students in both Option 1 and Option 2 will have the opportunity work towards a dual US High School Diploma. This degree will enable these students to gain entrance into hundreds of US universities.

US Dual Degree Program - ASU Prep Digital

University Credit in High School

An AA, BS/BA, MS/MA or an MBA in Jakarta

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