Learn to think continentally
— Alexander Hamilton

Urban Green Education has teamed up with ASU Prep Digital, America's leading public school blended learning solutions provider, and Arizona State University, recently named No. 1 on U.S. News & World Report's “Most Innovative Schools” list, ahead of No. 2 Stanford and No. 3 MIT. This powerful partnership gives individual students in Indonesia and around SE Asia the chance to take accredited US middle school and high school classes.

We also offer the complete Cambridge International high school curriculum and The College Board's Advanced Placement Classes. This is where students can make a tremendous difference in their education by earning college credit while still in high school.  Indonesian students now have the unique ability to “test” themselves by taking the same AP courses offered to top students in the US. By taking these courses, students not only gain invaluable knowledge, skill and experience but also add to their portfolio of achievements they will bring to college. We also have SAT prep programs. Our student can also take direct university classes through ASU.

Whether you are are a large school, a small school, an after school  program or simply an individual student looking for an edge - contact us for more information.

Imagine the possibilities

Children have dreams that drive them. Young students and their parents share the vision of infinite possibilities. Parents live to nurture the drive and imagination inside their children that will make these dreams come true. A great educational foundation is the first step on that journey. We are here as your partner - with tools, advice and service from the beginning years through a university graduation.

We have the right tools

Our students travel to America each day and challenge themselves with the same accredited curriculum as students in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. No matter where they are, they can access an amazing selection of US public school courses in grades 1-12, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - working with an amazing team of teachers, tutors and peers.

We're connected

We work with over 100 universities and colleges in the US and Europe. One of them is right for each student we serve. Where do you want to go to school? Large University or small college? Big city or quiet town? Sunshine of snow? With so many choices, we will help you find the perfect fit. 

We travel

We have unique university tour trips and summer programs that allow students to discover their best university options. In this age of Google, GPS, virtual college tours and electronic guidebooks, there is still no match for the feeling of stepping on a college campus and talking face-to-face with the people who make that community what it is. 

Take a look at our library of classes

Whether students are ready for a primary school course, university level Physics, or a class in English as a second language, we have them covered. It may simply be an extra class to enhance a transcript - or they may be working towards our dual US high school degree, even earning university credit while still in high school... The opportunities to grow are limitless.



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