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Don Lamison


Don Lamison is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Urban Green Education, the parent company of  Green Study AsiaMyUSASchool and ASIA Prep.

Don studied Engineering and received his MBA from the University of South Florida. His passion for Education and Education Equality was born out of his time spent in both Florida classrooms where he taught English Literature, and in underdeveloped inner-city neighborhoods in Indonesia. Don met his wife, Johana Kristamala, in graduate school. Johana was born and raised in the Mangga Dua neighborhood of Jakarta in Indonesia. Her educational, professional and public service achievements, despite economic and social challenges, serve as an inspiration for Don and all UGE employees. Don deeply believes that simple educational opportunity can lead to radical change in the life of a child, a family, a community, a city and our world - that childhood should have choices - childhood should be celebrated. In this age of technology, we now have the ability remove many of  the limits that govern which children can and cannot be educated. 

John Woodward


John Woodward is Urban Green Education’s President and Director of Academics and Teacher Training.

John specializes in integrating the company’s diverse services into solutions that best suit each school and student.

John graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction, with a specialty in ESOL and bilingual education. He’s taught students from all over the world in a variety of educational settings. Having switched careers from journalism to education in an international context, he’s gained valuable insight into different forms of education around the world. He currently resides in Thailand. As technology becomes a more integral component of education for students around the world, John focuses on developing blended learning and pure online curriculum strategies that unlock hidden potential in schools and students. 

Christopher Perez


Christopher Perez is the Chief Operation Officer and Director of Instruction for Urban Green Education.

Chris holds a BA and an MA and EdS from the University of South Florida. Chris has headed one of the top schools in Taiwan, transforming the curriculum and instructional methods, building a school now recognized as one of the best in Asia. His expertise in not only curriculum systems, but their applications in complex international classroom settings make his talent set unique. A young, respected leader in the blended learning movement - Chris will soon earn his PhD.

OUR UGE Project Management TEAM

Seen Love

Senior Project Manager - Asia Pacific

Seen Love is an on-site Project Manager concentrating on accreditation.

Seen Love graduated from The University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Humanities. He later earned his MEd from Milligan College with concentrations in Psychology, US history and World History. At Milligan, Seen focused on research-based modern teaching techniques in the classroom. Having raised three boys, Seen believes in the value of education and that learning comes from simple opportunity for human growth through understanding and empathy and that solid educational foundations are crucial. Seen is an experienced large-project manager and an expert in instructional methods.

Paulus Suranto

Senior Growth Manager - Indonesia

Paulus Suranto is the Senior Growth Manager for Indonesia.

Paulus Suranto graduated from Monash Mt. Eliza Business School in Melbourne, Australia. In his management career, Paulus has helped establish, integrate and lead numerous multi-national corporate divisions in Indonesia, including building a subsidiary of a major UK-based motorcycle manufacturing company from the ground up. Paulus’ personal and business endeavors are driven by a strong belief in a borderless world, and the role of education in the spreading of fundamental human rights. Paulus is a proud father of two sons, both currently studying at university in Australia. Based in Jakarta, Paulus has lectured at Bina Nusantara Business School, London School of Public Relations and the Institute for Development of Management Studies.

Dennis Johnson


Dennis Johnson is an on-site Project Manager concentrating on curriculum development.

Dennis Johnson graduated from Syracuse University with dual degrees: a BS in Theatrical Craft and Design and a BS in English Textual Studies. He later earned his MFA from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Multimedia with a concentration in children’s educational entertainment. A sought after public speaker, over the last 15 years Dennis has lectured to thousands of students, educators, and business leaders about the value of holistic wellness and creative expression in everyday work and living, including engagements at the University of Tampa, Gilda’s Club, Nordstrom and Konica-Minolta. Dennis is specializes in becoming an integral part of the team at our partner schools, working from within to create new pathways for student access and whole school success.

Anna Wilkins


Anna Wilkins in an on-site manager specializing in whole-school management.

Anna Wilkins graduated as valedictorian from Fisk University with a BA in political science before pursuing her MA in International Affairs at Florida State University. Having grown up in a household of educators, Anna has always had an interest in globalism, education, and bettering lives through both, and believes that education provides opportunities not only for individuals, but communities at large, and can drastically change the quality of life of a population. She is fluent multiple languages, including Spanish and Japanese. A natural leader, Anna specializes in whole-school management and has expertise in partnership building with parents, businesses and the community to support both the academic and the financial / infrastructure growth of a school. 


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